Justin is a full-time photographer, based in the beautifully scenic region of West Cornwall.

Justin's interest in photography began from an early age. He can still remember his excitement on purchasing his first SLR camera - a second-hand Praktica MTL3 with 50mm lens - back in the early 1980s. These early years using a fully manual, 35mm film camera and reading all the photography magazines and books he could get his hands on, gave Justin a good understanding of the principles of photographic technique.

Justin now uses a Canon DSLR and while the process of capturing an image may have changed, the art of composition, lighting and capturing the moment remains the fundamental core of photography. Justin's ethos is to get the image right 'in camera', rather than relying on post-processing software after the event. He'd much rather be outside in the landscape making the image, rather than sat in front of a computer trying to create it! In this respect, the experience gained in his early years shooting 35mm film and transparency have assisted him greatly.

In 2008 Justin began the journey into underwater photography, using a compact camera in an underwater housing. He now divides his time between creating images both above and under the water.

Justin's work 'A glimpse of Ireland' has been exhibited in various venues in Bristol, and his images have been used in publications by -
  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs;

  • Animal & Plant Health Agency;

  • Southampton City Council;

  • Agence des Aires Marines Protégéés;

  • Protected Area Network Across the Channel Ecosystems;

  • Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust;

  • Dorset Wildlife Trust; and,

  • Seasearch.

Justin lives in West Cornwall but has been fortunate to have lived and worked in various locations in England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland.